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The build  

Thanks to the power of Google we found a boat building company which had experience in building barges, including those which are wheelchair accessible. These have mainly been for use by charities which take people with disabilities out on day or overnight excursions. Stewart had specific needs to make a barge as easy to live on, and drive, as everyone else. This meant, for example, installing a hydraulically powered scissor lifter to take him and his chair up to the controls and from the wheelhouse down to the barge’s living quarters. A special air-conditioning system would manage the boats climate; essential for someone with MS. The boat is controlled via joysticks.

Twenty months after Stewart's first tentative phone call to the builders, they were heading off on a 36 tonne barge that he can drive the wheelchair onto and around, can drive the barge as easily as anyone else and just the two of us are able to capably manage her.

If you would like to hear first hand about our experience with the design, build and support from the company we used during this major work we'd be happy to be in touch through our Contact page.


Our vessel  

Not everyone's tastes are the same, but from an accessibility point of view, wheelchair users and folk in their 80s have similarly been able to enjoy accessible living and traveling on "Endellion".

Endellion at Mirfield

Endellion at Mirfield, just under the bridge upstream from the busy Lidl car park area. The Navigation pub is just down stream on the left.

We have long believed that you do not have to sacrifice good aesthetic design to create practical and accessible living spaces.  These two goals were at the front if our minds as we set about planning the layout, colour schemes and the fit-out for Endellion. 











Owners cabin
Owners cabin; a slightly different view
Laundry area
Main Bathroom
                   Guest's loo
           Guest's cabin
New steering system
"Endellion" is steered via a wheel (mostly for back-up) and a joystick system.
Dinette converts to a double bed

Electrical System


The electrical system is quite complex as it must manage the power demands of Endellion’s two Climma air-conditioning units – using shore power when berthed in a marina, or inverting power from her battery bank, supplemented by a 7KVA gen-set, which kicks in and out automatically when the system detects it is needed. All in all, the electrics system includes:

Details - Manufacturer/Supplier

7kva gen set

Northern Lights

Automatic Cap 900 satellite system


Electric Anchor Winch

Master Winch

Alternator and Cyrix controller

Steyr and Victron

Twin inverter Chargers


Auto start system for Gen Set


Vetus VE Net to link it all together


Electric Bow thruster


Hydraulic-electric steering system


Monitoring panels


Security Alarm


Depth sounder


Tank senders and gauges


Wheel Chair Lift


VHF Radios

Cobra, Simrad and TTI

Climma Air conditioning systems with cool and electric heat


Heating System


Electric Induction Hob