Lesley’s Birds

I've been a keen bird watcher for many years enticed primarily through the fantastic variety we see at Milsons Passage, our little bit of paradise in Australia. I have recorded over 70 birds in this area, just north of Sydney, and have listed them on our website.

Here in Europe, travelling by water, I am also spotting and also photographing (when I can) birds, mostly water birds of course.


Black Swan Reading web.jpg

Canada Goose Chiswick web.jpg

Black Swan at Reading (also seen at Chiswick)

Canada Goose at Chiswick

Grey Heron Chiswick web.jpg

Mallards Chiswick web.jpg

Grey Heron at Chiswick

Mallard Ducks at Chiswick

Teal Chiswick web.jpg

Ring-neck parakeet Shepperton web.jpg

Teal at Chiswick

Ring-neck Parakeet at Shepperton (true!)

Egyptian Goose Shepperton web.jpg

Great Crested Grebe Shepperton web.jpg

Egyptian Goose at Shepperton

Great Crested Grebe at Shepperton

Red-crested Pochard pair Shepperton web.jpg

Coot Windsor web.jpg

Red-crested Pochard at Shepperton

Coot at Windsor

Mute swan Windsor web.jpg

Moorhen Windsor web.jpg

Mute Swan at Windsor

Moorhen at Windsor

White Wagtail Windsor web.jpg

Greylag Goose Windsor web.jpg

Pied Wagtail at Windsor

Greylag Goose at Windsor

Mandarin Duck 1 Marlow web.jpg

Tufted Duck close up Henley web.jpg

Mandarin Duck at Marlow (he’s real)

Tufted Duck at Henley

Jay Sonning web.jpg

Thrush maybe Song Abingdon web.jpg

Jay (I think) at Sonning

Song Thrush (I think) at Abingdon

Snow Goose Abingdon web.jpg

White domestic ducks Abingdon web.jpg

Snow Goose (?) at Abingdon

White domestic ducks (?) at Abingdon

Shags and geese Henley web.jpg

Red Kite Wallingford web.jpg

Shags at Henley (and Canada Goose!)

Red Kite at Wallingford



Black Headed Gull Veurne.jpg

Black-tailed Godwit maybe  River Ijzer web.jpg

Black Headed Gull, Veurne

Black-tailed Godwit (?), River Ijzer

Common Sandpiper maybe  Ijzer River web.jpg

Shoveler on Ijzer River web.jpg

Common Sandpiper, River Ijzer

Shoveler, River Ijzer

Common Tern Nieuwpoort web.jpg

Turnstone Nieuwpoort web.jpg

Common Tern, Nieuwpoort

Turnstone, Nieuwpoort

Jackdaw Nieuwpoort web.jpg

Lapwing Leffinge web.jpg

Jackdaw, Nieuwpoort

Lapwing, Leffinge

Herring Gull Nieuwpoort web.jpg

Oystercatcher VVW Nieuwpoort web.jpg

Herring Gull, Nieuwpoort

Oystercatcher, Nieuwpoort

Shellduck at Nieuwpoort
White Stork
Shellduck, Nieuwpoort
White Stork, Deinze
Blackbird hybrid maybe, Kortrijk
Black Kite I think

Blackbird (hybrid) maybe, Kortrijk

Black Kite, I think, Kortrijk

  Great Black Backed Gull, St Martens
Great Black Backed Gull, St Martens
Buzzard Chaffinch
Buzzard, Pont a Bar
Chaffinch, Laifour